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White Glove WordPress Hosting & Website Design

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Innovative Payment Options

TwentyOne offers a 21% discount on services paid with Bitcoin, showcasing our commitment to the Bitcoin network.


AI-Enhanced Designs

Revolutionize Your Web Presence in 60 Seconds: Our AI Website Generator crafts complete WordPress sites – styled, content-rich, and fully operational, all in under a minute.


Bitcoin Ecommerce Solutions

Support for seamless Bitcoin integration, providing a secure transaction experience for our clients.

Our Story

About TwentyOne Solutions

TwentyOne Solutions pioneers in Bitcoin-friendly website hosting and design, focusing on small, e-commerce, and service-based businesses.

Our Service Offerings

Offering Excellence

Managed Hosting

Automated WordPress installation
Monthly Reporting and Maintenance
On-demand Backups
Premium plugins included

Web Design

Free AI website builder
250+ starter templates
Web design for services businesses
Web design for ecommerce businesses
Custom white glove design

Bitcoin Payments

Easily accept Bitcoin
1% processing fee
Automatic USD conversion
USD withdrawals
In person payments
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What Makes Us Unique

Discover the key elements that set TwentyOne Solutions apart in the digital landscape.

White glove Hosting experience
Budget friendly web design options

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